All You Need to Know About Domain Registration

Domain names and internet concept

Your online presence requires a unique address; this unique address is called Domain Name. A Domain Name typically is aligned with your business. Most people choose a domain name which is exactly or close to their business name, some people choose to have domain name with the kind of product or service they offer. Domains names are always followed by TLD or Top Level Domain names. TLD .com domains have been the most popular domain names of all. After the .com boom, most easy to remember domain names and all the available nouns have been booked by people and now legitimate business owners find it hard to secure a domain name matching their business names. Over a period of time, people have started choosing their country specific TLDs to get around this situation. Apart from country specific TLDs you can choose .edu for educational institution and .org if you’re a non-profit organization.

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Importance of Domain Name Registration for a Website

Then advent of internet has brought many changes in our society and lifestyle. Today many people use internet and any site but many are not aware of the domain name. Domain name is a unique name of a site on web or internet. This name is separated by a dot (.), which contains two major components.

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