Posted on 23rd  March, 2014

Find the Best Dedicated Server Hosting Services for Your Firm


A dedicated hosting service is that service in which a customer or client has the complete right on the server without sharing or interference of any one. There is another type of hosting service which is known as Share Hosting Service, in which the client has to share the server and don’t hold the complete authority of the server. Dedicated Server Hosting seems to be more flexible and easy to handle than shared hosting, as in the dedicated hosting firm or organization has got full control on the server from operating system to hardware.

Zero Designs is considered as sovereign of the Hosting Services as we deal into all the types of hosting services, i.e. Email Hosting, Share Web Hosting, Virtual Private Server, Dedicated Server Hosting Service and Managed Hosting. The best part of the Hosting services by Zero Designs is that the pricing of hosting comes into the pocket of every customer/ organization. The dedicated servers provided by us, supports all Windows as well as Linux Hosting too with huge range of sizes which can support any kind of website.

When we say it’s a dedicated server, it means it actually is, after this it is only accessed by the client, apart for maintenance we don’t play any role in that. A dedicated hosting service is basically useful for such kind of customers whose websites are traffic oriented with complex databases. The point to be kept in mind by clients who are willing to buy dedicated hosting service is that this requires a person who is adroit in IT. If a client is not able to hire any such professional than we at Zero Designs do provide such services as well. That’s why Zero Designs is considered as sovereign in Hosting Services.

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