Posted on 4th  September, 2013

How will Zero design help creating a good logo for your brand?


A LOGO represents the company. Trademark and logos act as the international language in the world. Success and failure depends up on the logo of the company. The logo should be extremely representative and connecting to the nature of the business. An attractive yet decent design can create great heights for a business. A logo passes unambiguous and uniform message to consumers. The message you need to convey should be specific though Logo. To create a good logo you need to heir an expert company. Zero Design is one of the popular and good places to get your company logo designed.

Initially the all the important details of the company is needed for designing a logo like, Name of the company or logo, Tag line if necessary, message the company wants to convey through Logo, Services or products the company provides and most important the budget of the company. How much they want to spend on their logo is merely important as they plan about their services and products.

Our company thoroughly makes research on the so that is it not duplicated. We provide tailor made logos so that they prove as a boon to the company progress. We have a team of experts who see to the user requirement and that, the logo is simple and at the same time unique and attractive which tells everything about the company at one glance.

Types of Logos we create.

The type of Logo depends on the nature of the company. Whether it is a small-scale industry or a large company, with many services and products, Logo is very important. There are four types of Logos

Text Logo

This type of logo is made of text, which merely includes the company name. Small graphics can add to make it attractive. It also includes Tag Lines.

Graphic logo

This type of logo uses more graphics, which occur in the middle of the iconic logo and illustrative logo. Colours and contrast are the key factors when using this stage. They play a vital role in defining a moto of the company.

Iconic logo

Iconic Logo defines the extremely simplified graphics that represents the nature or aspects of the company. They are used single and be combined with text. This takes very much expertise for the professional, as they are difficult to design. Again, they are very illustrative as they are very Eye catching that attracts the consumers.

Illustrative logo

These types of logos are much more detailed than other types. It includes very minute details of the product or services. It is time consuming so its cost is higher than the other types of logos. Therefore, we do not advise this type of logo for new company, small company or the company with low budget.

We provide logo design in India with skilled designers has the nack of creating a design that will mean sheet to your business. We have a varied range of resources, best staff and software is used meet your needs. We make ‘n’ number of revisions ill the last moment with the company for any changes.


We make a logo that speaks of you in the marketplace. Zero Designs gives assurance of designing a creative logo design that will be salable and beneficial for your business.

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