Posted on 9th  October, 2013

Importance of Domain Name Registration for a Website


Then advent of internet has brought many changes in our society and lifestyle. Today many people use internet and any site but many are not aware of the domain name. Domain name is a unique name of a site on web or internet. This name is separated by a dot (.), which contains two major components.

Importance of Domain Name Registration

Domain name is equally important for a website as it has its good quality content. It is the identity if the website on internet. The time and money consumed in creating a good website is not worth unless it acquires a good domain name, which also includes some time and money. Your product may be very useful for the people but it will not reach them unless you do not have a domain name for your site

Benefits of good Domain Name

Deciding a good domain name is very crucial for any company. The name of the company should relate to the nature of the business and short, so that it is easily to remember. Most important thing it should be keyword rich name so that it is effective in bringing the traffic to a site, which in turn increases business. It will add creditability to the business of an organization. After deciding the name, it is very important to decide the category of the server. For Eg:If the site is commercial, .com is assigned. This is the top most level of the domain. For government site it is. Gov and for organization .org is used and finally for educational sites use .edu. So it makes easy to the people to find their related search in every category.

Effective Domain Name Registration

The domain name is the identification string of a domain of a website, which defines the authority, or control of the website over internet. Domain names are form according to the DNS. (Domain Name System). The Authority to use the domain is decided by the Domain Name Registration. They are associated with ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers). As we said, first a domain name should be keyword rich. It is very important factor for SEO if a domain. This will increase the search rankings


The conclusion is that Domain name is the Heart of the website. If the domain name is not related to the nature of the business or website it is not worthy of designing a website and registering.

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