Posted on 23rd  September, 2013

Tools and Guidance for Web Design by Zero Designs


Web Design is an important factor in today’s world to increase the business or a company. It is very important of the web presence of a company in the virtual world of commerce. If the effective website is design for a company, it brings traffic, which makes good business. There are many web designers in the market and Zero Design is the firm to contact for your business. If you are new to this commercial world then, we are here to serve you in all way possible.

Tips for Web designing by Zero Designs

It is very important for us to meet the user needs while we create the website. We create the website, which is user friendly. Which can be easily surfed and any one can go through it with an ease with the help of navigation on every page and we present call to action i.e the contact detail of the company so that the user doesn’t have to look for the contact information. It would be highlighted, so it is catchy to the user.

Balance between Content and Images

Adding only content to the site is not at all advisable. Rather adding only images is also not advisable so proper content with high quality and correct images of proper size should be added. Videos are useful source of advertisement. We see to it that all the pages in a site have adequate content and images with resizable factor as Every one is using mobile applications and majority of the traffic comes from the mobile users as they used smart phones so the font visibility and image clearance is very important. As the phone screen is very small, the content will jumble up if not divided in to headings and sub headings. It gives user clear vision even on the small screen of the mobile.

We select the colour of the site and its font such that it is not clumsy and looks attractive. The dark font with light background is most advisable. As the mobile screen is small, the content is compressed so that the users and crawlers do not get confused if the content jumbles up with each other.

We have seen that there many free tools available on internet. For many they prove right but most of the time after wasting a lot if time the tools prove unsatisfactory. If the company is large and needs a sophisticated site, it is advisable to hire a professional web designer in India.

Tools for Web designing

Web design services include various tools to create a website for a company. It depends on the type of website, which tools to use. We have professional expert who use perfect tools for different types of websites.

  • If it is a professional website the professional tool, are help less and mesh up all the things. Therefore, if we are making a personal website we advise to use web-based per-designed templates.
  • However, when it comes to extremely professional website the tools like Dreamweaver and Photoshop are useful.


Finally we conclude that we combine time and effort to make a website which fully matches the requirement of the target audience so that you have a greater chance of launching a successful business platform for marketing a service or product.

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