Posted on 22nd  November, 2013

Various Applications Of Augmented Reality In Real World


Augmented reality is in demand these days, the reason is, we are moving from the digital era to visualization era. Every day we see inventions of new technology, devices, software and applications, everything is there to make tasks easy for human beings, so with the concept of augmented reality.

The Foundation of Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality Technology

The Video Game Era started in 1970 with the very popular game of that time called Pong. Steve Jobs, The founder of Apple Computers also worked in the company Who made Pong. From the time of PONG to the days today, we are seeing a revolution in Computer Graphics and Game Graphics. Researchers are now moving ahead to pull out graphics from computer and TV screens to integrate them with the real world. These ways, the foundation of Augmented Reality established. With Augmented Reality, Technology You will feel a very thin line between what is real and what is computerized.

There are various applications of Augmented Reality as technology. Many industries use this technology nowadays, here are some major applications of Augmented Reality in the real world.

In Retail Industry

Do you find the really tiresome process to try each outfit you like in any retail store and then to decide what to shop finally? Well, Augmented Reality helps many clothing stores and brands these days. With the device installed at a retail store, you can visualize yourself wearing your favorite pieces from the store on the Screen, however at that time you don’t need to wear and try them actually, still, you can see yourself wearing those outfits on screen. This way; you can decide faster what to shop and enhance your shopping experience. How cool is that?


AR Technology is booming in the gaming industry. AR Technology makes gamers feel realistic and experience digital gameplay making them feel playing in the real world.


The most important application of Augmented Reality is its use in Medical Field. Without operating actual body, with the help of the AR technology a Surgeon can see heart condition and gynecologist can see baby movements while combining it with 3D Ultrasound Technology.

These are some of the most important applications of AR Technology; The Scope is Huge in future.

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