Posted on 15th  December, 2013

What exactly web application user interface design means and how it works ?


Let’s start with, what exactly User Interface Design means and how it works. User interface can be considered as the design of computers, appliances, mobile handset devices, software applications, websites and machines. It’s basically made to lessen the work load of the user by making its interaction simple and yet efficient.

Web Application UI Design is also known as the interaction between the one or multiple user with the device. Web application and website are different concepts website is web page containing the static information, images or videos about the company or the product while the web application is the interactive process. Web application is divided into the different parts, open and closed application. Open application can be easily attainable by anyone who gets on the web page and opens the account while the closed application is only attainable by the users of the company or to the restricted the users.

The principle thing required to make the Web Application UI Design is to understand the need and usage of the user. At Zero Designs we have proficient developers, who take care of very minute requirements of the client to develop the useful Design. User Interface Design is all about the interaction between the user and application, so it’s not only important that design should look attractive but it’s necessary that user should feel it useful and enjoyable at the same time. We believe that there are certain factors which should be taken into consideration while making web application UI Design like simplicity, clarity, distinctiveness, emphasis and forgiving. It has to be simple yet different with clear view and it should be emphasised on the user’s usability as mistakes are very natural with user so it has to be forgiving one to tolerate the errors. With the user friendly features for UI Design it is also important to make it attractive at the same time, shape, size, colour, contrast, texture, labels, etc all this things are taken care of.

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