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We are an agency with a collective experience of more than 50 years. Based out of Ahmedabad,
India, we have strategic alliances with many professionals scattered across the globe.
We all strive towards delivering 360-degree customised solutions for our clients.

2011: Our Journey begins


It would seem bizarre if one asks whether zero was invented or discovered. However, answering this you can tell you a lot about yourself and how you see the world. As history would have it, Aryabhata, the legendary mathematician of Indian origin, has been attributed to the discovery of zero. But we beg to differ; On one fine evening in the year 2011, when we founded 'Zero' surrounded by a few team members and a client, Mr. Aryabhata never showed up to stake his claim to fame. As a nascent design agency, we were vested with the responsibility of crafting our client's very first communication with their target audiences in form of their leaflet, brochure and website. 'Zero' is now a ubiquitous presence, be it in mathematics or in communication.

zero designs

2011 – 2012 ZERO DESIGNS TEAM​

Then, the storms that we stirred up for our clients, went beyond the borders of Ahmedabad, and we were invited by global agencies and advertising networks of repute, to associate as their design partners. And come to think of it, we had just arrived!

zero designs team

2013 – 2014 ZERO DESIGNS TEAM​

A bigger, bolder and bodacious agency was budding just after two years of its birth. As we gained experience of working with global agencies and advertising networks, we became acutely aware of their modus operandi, workflow, and operating standards while dealing with global clients. Our dream was fast becoming a reality!

zero designs

2015 - 2016 ZERO DESIGNS TEAM​

As we finished realising our dream, of being the preferred design partner, for entrepreneurs and business operators, our ambitions metamorphosed into a wilder dream – to become a unified design platform with a comprehensive range of services. We worked with IT entities to hone our skill at web design and development, augmenting their science of programming with our own design sensibilities.

zero designs

2017 - 2018 ZERO DESIGNS TEAM​

We created partnerships, hired dreamers, and created a space conducive to creative collaboration. We worked with startups who were trying to make their mark in the business universe, and those Fortune 500 companies who planned ahead to sustain their market leadership. Our belief was growing stronger by the day.

zero designs

2019 - 2020 ZERO DESIGNS TEAM​

When the world was reeling under the effect of recession due to the pandemic, we took time to introspect, realign and charted out future course. As a catalyst of change, we started offering a full range of design services complemented by our expertise in product photography, 3D visualizations, content writing, and audio-visual services.

Team Zero designs


We are in the process of finally setting up our own office space. It is like coming home; after a full circle, representing a zero. As we all know too well, that with every zero, the value grows – at least ten folds. The journey has just begun, and we have just reached the first milestone… as the poem says “but we have promises to keep, and we have miles to go, before we sleep.”


Zero Design is a decade old agency with over five decades of collective experience. Team Zero Design is an energetic, fresh and vibrant team that has creative talent, intricate industry knowledge and extremely high standards.
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on utmost customer satisfaction.


in generating maximum return value for our clients.


long-term, strong associations.


strategically-designed integrated brand solutions


to add more value to clients’ businesses.


Our Approach

Whether building a brand from the scratch, designing a campaign, or developing a website,
our approach emphasises on clarity of ideas and exceptional aesthetic quality.


Every project is unique, and thus understanding everything there is about it is all the more important. We begin by conducting design audits, competitive analysis, interviews, and user testing; with a view to gain complete clarity on your business and the market conditions


Once we understand everything about you and your business, we collectively define the project, establish timelines and chalk out goals, and determine the metrics for measuring the success for your business. We work towards creating an experiential journey for your users.


We believe in a well-researched data-driven design. We believe more in validation than on assumptions; as we feel when we assume, we make an ASS of U and ME. We immerse ourselves in the problems you face and gather insights before even starting to solve them through the power of design.


A great design can be rendered meaningless without equally great logically approached development process. We believe that the best interactive experience is a combination of design thinking, smart design and innovative use of technology.

Zero designs
Parag Raval - Zero Designs Team