Posted on 7th  December, 2019

5 Keys technique for Image Editing

When We Capture an image of any product or person, camera convert that file in raw Image, When we changes in that raw file and make it looks more beautiful than original, it is called image editing or image enhancement.
Now days to promote our business, We need different types of eye-catching images for strong marketing presence in online and offline world that help to increase our online and offline selling.

Capture an image in camera doesn’t end hunt for your perfect product image, there is long process between raw file and final image appear on website or printed collateral. Raw file format is big in size so it’s advantageous for printing media and but not able to direct upload on website. There are several process by image editing techniques that transform an image to be uploaded on your website.

Image editing is made easy by given 5 techniques and they are Color Correction, Image Retouching, Background Removing, image Exposure, Shadow Creation.

1) Color Correction


Color Correction is the Process of changing the colors in an image as per mood of Background. Every camera has different setting on color and pixels so when we taking picture it looks perfect in camera screen but when we show it in desktop or printing media we find some colors are missing on it. At that time, we need a color correction to be done on that image.

2) Image Retouching

In some scenarios, Image Retouching may work as photographers as itself. When we capture a photograph of an object or a model, we find unwanted objects just like light reflation or hairs comes on model face, scars on face…etc., in that case we need to retouching our image. Image retouching is enhancing your image’s beauty without losing a tempo.

3) Background Removing

When We are doing photoshoot of product or a model for particular branding or client, we have to remove their background or transparent background for upload it on website or publishing in Print media. A transparent image can adjust in any color or Pattern background.

4) Image Exposure


In photography, exposure is the amount of light which influence on your camera sensor. It’s a directly effect on camera sensor and amount of exposure decides how bright or dark your pictures appears. Sometime we need to change image exposure manually through image editing software after image has been taken by a camera.

5) Shadow Creation:

When your product background is removed for web or print collateral, you need drop shadow for your product 3D or realistic look. Its crucial part of image editing because here we need to understand the lighting of the photography.

An E-commerce product company need two major things for marketing, first is photography and Second is image editing. Zero Designs is expert in both sectors photography as well Image editing. We are always happy to help our clients in this segment of branding and marketing.

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