Benefits of Shared Web Hosting Compared with Dedicated Hosting

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Rakesh Raval | Zero Designs Director

Rakesh Raval

Creative Director

Benefits of Shared Web Hosting Compared with Dedicated Hosting

Web hosting is an integral section and widely popular among the web developers. There are many options for web hosting services in India, but to choose Shared Web Hosting or Dedicated Web Hosting is a challenging question. Here are the benefits of shared web hosting compared to dedicated hosting.

Shared web hosting has multiple benefits. Here go some notorious benefits of shared web hosting:


One of the prominent reasons of buying shared web hosting is that it is pretty cheap. Price flags higher if you go the single server services, but for shared web hosting, you don’t have to pay much. You may buy these web hosting services by simply paying 5-10$. The best part of shared web hosting services is that the customers get enough space due to the high competition in the market. Normally 40 GB space is provided along with the shared hosting

Easy to Use

The most inviting features of the shared web hosting is that it is easy to run. There is a highly skilled and professional expert who can take care of the shared web hosting and provide the convenient task. Meanwhile it would be easy for you to concentrate on the functions of the website and web business. Shared web hosting experts are competent to manage the business all around the clock.


As the name suggests the shared web hosting is the sharing the process sharing resources with others. The process includes the using multiple website under the single domain. The shared web hosting works under the obtuse control panel and similar tools operating under helps you to handle with multiple features. The control panel is an amazing feature that helps you to upload images check the statistics of the website. Interestingly one can create the specific email accounts domain name by using the tools and also helps in customizing the website.


Efficiency is the most important thing in the online business and efficiency is directly proportional to the space and bandwidth provided by the servers. The bandwidth is the lifeline of the business only on the internet. The better and large would help with adding multiple resources on your website.

These are main advantages of the shared web hosting, although you can decide as per your specific requirement and budget only.