6th  Aug, 2019
Branding is about substance not cosmetics

Branding is not only about cosmetics, it’s about continuous improvement.

Every client comes to us for strong brand presence, but very few comes to build it. Because every client has their own definition of “brand”. And most of them believes that, just stuff the environment with aesthetically pleasant creatives and shout more about your brand so you can get everyone’s attention. Is it so simple?

Branding is not so simple, it’s slow, steady and continuous process of improvement. It’s not about what you are thinking or telling about your brand but, it’s about what end-user or client says or think about your brand. You have to gain the trust of your client, and for that their experience of your brand must be beyond their imagination.

And for that we have to master all the aspects of business. Here are some major aspects which can build your brand.

  • Vision Mission
  • Product or Service
  • Environment and Culture
  • Public Relation

Let's look at them closely...

Vision Mission:

These two very familiar words repeatedly used meaninglessly in every collateral of each brand. Because whatever we write in that, we never try to protect them above anything else. Sometimes we don’t care for them, our vision and mission is only more money, more profit nothing else.

So, the first step is clear your vision and craft a mission beyond oneself, not only mission statements! If you cannot think beyond yourself, you can’t grow beyond yourself. And follow your vision and mission religiously, don’t ever compromise on them.

Product or Service:

This the core of your business, and it’s all about quality. Quality that stands out! Your product or service must have something different to offer, otherwise no one will come to you. Whenever you think to change or modifications of product or service, first think about users. Don’t compromise your product or service for profit, it will hurt your brand in long way.

Spent in innovation and research, so every time you come up with better product or service. This is the heart of the brand it must be pumping continuous with fresh energ.

Environment and Culture:

This is the source of energy for heart to pump continuously. If you have pleasant environment and positive culture, where everyone enjoys their work and feel safe pride, it will directly impact to their creativity, productivity and sustainability.

The other aspect of this is, it effects to client also. Whenever they interact with your brand, they must get feeling of co-operation and humility and must get solution for what they interacting. Sometime they can’t explain the problem but we better understand our product/service, so go beyond traditional way and solve it proactively. This will make everlasting effect on client’s psyche and this will generate real reviews (not google review) to their nearest and dearest.

Public Relation:

We know it as PR, and it’s right now a tool to create demand in market and to know potential of market for your product/service. But can we call it relation?

In India every businessman (specially marwadi, gujarati) believes that, relation is the foundation of business. Love and care for your client and trust and pride for your vendor is in-built in word “relation”, And this is the actual PR when your client feel pride and be sure about you and your brand. And this will make you different from your competitors.

In short branding is whatever you do for your brand, do it with devotional attitude, with love and passion that’s how you can reach quality and inspire others to do so. Business is process not an entity, a living brand is a pattern of behavior, not stylistic cosmetics. We have just try to give a perspective, this is just a glance, there are so many other aspects but once we get the point of view, we can deal with them.

So, it’s a journey and zero designs is always there to help you on every mile-stone…

5th  Aug, 2019
Why Search Engine Optimization is Important For Your Branding ?

Search engine optimization (SEO) is Most important factor for your Business Online Web Presence and Success, particularly when Your Brand is not noticed by any one. Without Seo, there are several ways to promote your Business but they are costlier and time consuming though it does not give any surety about your business success. Here below We Have Given Four Major reasons why we have to move Seo Instead of local Advertising.

Cost-effective Results: It is considered the most effective methods in promoting your business online with low Investment compare to the traditional marketing. The cost of SEO campaigns depends on various, including the type of business, competitiveness, website condition and performance.

Increase Sales Performance:

SEO Helps to get more High Quality traffic on your website, so more visits on your webpages gains your Sales Conversion Rate Higher.Seo Increase Sales Conversion Rate up to 10% to 15%. “Conversion rate” is defined as the percentage of site visitors who visit a website and converted in to your sales. Conversion rate increases through keywords trial and changes in site designs.

Brand Awareness:

Now Days Digital Presence is necessary part of marketing of your brand, Search engine optimization helps you to reach out more people than local marketing. It helps you to popular your brand online through Various social media platforms, web presence and local directories.

Stay Ahead of your Competitors:

Search engine optimization (SEO) gives you the power to stay ahead of your competitors. If your website is a well optimized it will bring more visitors to your Internet site which in turn will mean additional money for you. If your competitor ranks higher than your website this automatically means that he is taking away customers that would otherwise come to your website.

Targeted Visitors:

SEO gets you free organic traffic and the good number of targeted visitors to your site. You just need to maintain and keep on updating in order to receive this free traffic in the long run. Proper web position of the business website does not help to increase clientele and improve your brand quotient.

16th  Apr, 2015
6 aspects of a good Logo design

In simple words a logo is a design symbolizing your organization. It is a design that is used by an organization for its letterhead, advertising material, and signs as an emblem by which the organization can easily be recognized, also called logo type. logo type is a graphic representation or symbol of a company name, trademark, abbreviation, etc., often uniquely designed for ready recognition. But that won’t cut it when it really comes to designing a logo. Because we don’t want just a logo but a good logo for our organization so next question arises is what are characteristic of a good logo?

Since when the consumerism is introduced and spread all over the world, it’s always been a challenge for industries to grow with growth based economy. To be seen in public regularly is a challenge but to be remembered is a bigger challenge. And a logo is a key element of your branding strategy to overcome that. As it’s said, “Necessity is mother of invention”. So after years of research on how humans perceive things, how our brain works and with lots of trial and error, characteristics of a good logo have found to be as follows:

SIMPLE - Keep it simple. Don’t over do it.

A complicated design will not only make your logo difficult to print in different medium and maintain but it will also fail to get attention of your audience. So simple is always better when it comes to logo design.
Ask yourself: Can someone look at this logo and easily describe it? Or is it too complicated to get an idea of quickly?

IMPACTFUL - Design for your target audience. Never forget your customer.

Logo is useless if it does not make an impact. Here impact means it should stimulate your audience to look deep into it and give clear idea about your company. Even being simple it must not get vanished in cluttered world around it. Based on what’s your target audience is the most important job of your logo is to communicate with them.
Ask yourself: Who is your target audience in terms of age, income, gender, tastes, etc.? Can this logo speak to that group of people?

MEMORABLE - Leave a long lasting impression. Don’t be forgettable.

A great logo will remain memorable enough that a person who has only seen the logo once should still be able to recall it enough to describe the logo to someone else. This is not the easiest of qualities to achieve, but it is certainly a highly desired one so make sure your design stays in your audience’s minds.
Ask yourself: Can this logo make a lasting impression on my audience? Will it be memorable?

TIMELESS - Aim for longevity. Don’t be too trendy.

Trends come and go, when we change our cloths according to time, it is fine but doing plastic surgery and changing identity time to time will cost us our identity and credibility. So logo must be adjustable without losing its core identity to be relevant for long time.
Ask yourself: Will this logo still be relevant in a year, or five? Can it withstand years or decades of changes in the industry?

APPROPRIATE - Think about your industry. Don’t feel the need to be obvious.

An effective logo should be appropriate, but that doesn’t mean it has to be as obvious as you might expect. Restaurant logos don’t need to show food, dentist logos don’t need to show teeth, furniture store logo don’t need to show furniture. Just because it’s relevant, doesn’t mean you can’t do better. The Mercedes logo isn’t a car. The Virgin Atlantic logo isn’t an airplane. The Apple logo isn’t a computer. Etc. Etc. Being appropriate means if you are designing for a lawyer, ditch the fun approach and if you are designing for a kid’s TV show then nothing too serious. I could go on, but you get the picture.
Ask yourself: Does this logo communicate the right tone and style? Does it show or in some way hint at what type of business or product it’s representing?

VERSATILE - Consider various applications. Don’t design for just one size or medium.

A good logo should be able to print in different sizes, across different mediums and in different applications without losing its power.
Ask yourself: Will this logo be effective as a letterhead as well as on a billboard? Will it work in full color as well as black and white?

13th  Mar, 2015
Impact of Logo

Did you know?

World’s most effective Logos are either an abbreviation of their brand name or their brand name itself, eg: IBM, Coca Cola, FedEx, CNN, Disney, NASA.

Impact of Logo:

The logo is your visiting card for your customers. An effective Logo will reflect your product and service quality and presence on end users mind. Never copy or download the logo from the internet, it has to be Unique and always attempt to get your Logo Registered. The logo is an eternal identity of your business something like your given name. An effective Logo does not necessarily need to be designed by a creative agency, it can be expressed by you “the owner” and can be fine-tuned by Creative Agencies and registered by respective trademark authorities.

At Zero Designs, we offer customized services for a company logo design that suites Startups, Mid-size companies, and Enterprises. If you’re not happy with your current logo design and it was done when you started your business and now that you’re established you want the logo to speak about your success, please get it to touch for redefining your logo.

Please visit the Portfolio section for viewing some of our client’s creative logo design and get in touch for a quick quote to get started.

25th  Jan, 2015
All You Need to Know About Domain Registration

Your online presence requires a unique address this unique address is called Domain Name. A Domain Name typically is aligned with your business. Most people choose a domain name which is exactly or close to their business name, some people choose to have a domain name with the kind of product or service they offer. Domains names are always followed by TLD or Top Level Domain names. TLD .com domains have been the most popular domain names of all. After the .com boom, most easy to remember domain names and all the available nouns have been booked by people and now legitimate business owners find it hard to secure a domain name matching their business names. Over a period of time, people have started choosing their country-specific TLDs to get around this situation. Apart from country-specific TLDs, you can choose .edu for an educational institution and .org if you’re a non-profit organization.

Zero Designs helps organizations to acquire available domain names matching their entity name or brand name from various available TLDs, provide them with highly reliable DNS – Domain Name Service hosting with trusted vendors to ensure high availability. Typically this is an annual contract with a period lasting from 1 to 10 years. You do not have to worry about renewals or hacking as we take utmost care of the domains hosted with us and proactively remind you when the renewals are due. Along with Domain Registration Service, we provide high-quality web hosting service based on Linux servers and email hosting service based on popular IMAP protocol based webmail services. We also provide services for enterprise-class dedicated webmail service on a private cloud or your local network provided it has excellent internet connectivity.

You can now register for the following TLDs with us .rocks, .website, .attorney, .church, .club, .xyz, .guide, .global, .email, .guru, .company, .Asia, .solutions, .city, .property, .life, .today, .business, .photography, .services, .expert and many more. You don’t have to be technical sound to worry about your domain and its maintenance we take care of registration, renewals, maintenance with our robust team of technical experts.

20th  Jan, 2015
3 Types of Logo Design Services

The logo speaks about your identity. The logo can be as simple as a written word with particular available fonts around or it can be crafted with a unique font designed for the identity itself. A logo can sometimes be pictorial with an added punch line. Logos are typically are made out of Graphic as it is believed to instantly recognize the brand or identity behind it. Successful businesses ensure that their brand identity like Logo is trademarked. These days startups get their Logo registered for a trademark to ensure that when they’re successful in their venture, they don’t have an identity crisis or stolen brand value.

At Zero Designs, we ensure you get a unique logo that stands out in the crowd. Our creative team understands your business and values and tries to depict in a form that is easily identifiable across a large section of people. We further help you in getting your logo registered for trademark and if there are any issues or concerns during the process of a trademark or if there is an objection with the logo, we turn around another option without any extra cost, we guarantee unique logo for your business identity.

The following type of Logo Design Service options is provided:


  • 3 Design Options
  • 3 color choice option once you approved one design from the first 3 designs
  • Deliverable - Printable Vector File


  • 5 Design Options
  • 5 iterations once you approved one design from the first 5 designs
  • Basic Stationary Design (3 Designs)
  • Deliverable - Printable Vector File


  • 5 Design Options
  • 5 iterations once you approved one design from the first 5 designs
  • Basic Stationary Design (3 Designs)
  • Deliverable - Printable Vector File, all stationary designs print files & Basic Logo Guide PDF

Once you’re happy with the Logo Design Services, the next step is towards a beautiful and informative website. Enter into the digital world with Zero Designs range of Creative Services to grow your business. Our goal is to suffix as many zeroes as possible in your revenue figures.

20th  Jan, 2015
All You Need to Know About Graphic Design

A picture is worth a thousand words! Graphic design is an art that can define your business success. It’s true, the modern digital world is embracing technology at the speed of human’s imagination and most businesses in spite of having a wonderful product and service line up struggle to generate revenues due to lack of proper marketing.

Graphic Design service is required for Branding and Digital Marketing. Graphic Design is a vast domain and can be practically applied to almost any and every subject. Due to various tools and technologies around, now instead of just picture one can have video, animation and augmented reality to demonstrate one’s capabilities. Complex themes that originally required pictures and animation now can be projected in 3D tools and video and 3D augmented applications can be designed for presentations.

Zero designs specialize in graphic content. If you’ve requirement of logo, flyers, visiting cards, labels, brochures, letterheads, book covers, website, email templates, animated graphics, concept-based presentations for your product, photography, 3D model, augmented reality or any other branding related services, get in touch for valuable, affordable and creative output from us. We’ve seasoned professionals from art and technology background to enable your thoughts in digital reality.

Even if you’re a design agency yourself and are looking to outsource graphic design services for any of those extra load that you may have or you don’t have a readily available resource with skill set for a particular domain, feel free to get in touch and we’ll be happy to provide you instant services with strict Non Disclosure Agreements (NDA).

You may refer to our online portfolio in various domains that speak about our creative and quality graphic design services. You can hire a graphic designer in full-time mode dedicated purely for your own or your client’s work, you can have an option of hiring a resource on a partial mode, hybrid mode – i.e. a web designer skill resource with a combination of an animation skill resource. You can even opt for a project-specific resource where you have an exact requirement; we can estimate the exact price for delivery.

All-You-Need to-Know-About-3D-Rendering-and-Visualization
20th  Jan, 2015
All You Need to Know About 3D Rendering and Visualization

3D Rendering is a process of converting 3D wire frames to images with photorealistic effects on a computer based on the given set of real environmental features like light, water, material reflection, shadow etc. This is very useful when you want to create a scene and you do not have resources available in reality. For instance, you have a ceramic tile product that you want it to be rendered on a 3D model kitchen wireframe to see the appearance in terms of its application with peripheral devices, you cannot achieve this using normal photography or rather trick photography. This can only be achieved by using 3D rendering techniques.

Once you apply the tile texture and pattern to the already available 3D model kitchen wireframe, you can start setting the external parameters like natural sun light or LED lamp, angle at which the light source is lit, camera angle and render the scene to have a real looking kitchen picture that can be adjusted to match the final design. This was practically several hours job with a requirement of a physical sketched model in the past, but now 3D render makes it happen. All this is achieved through sophisticated tools and technologies.

3D rendering cannot be achieved by simply choosing the parameters and existing 3D wire frame model, it requires a visualizer who can visualize the effects in advance as the rendering process even though is done a high-end graphic optimized workstation, it takes a lot of time in computing the realistic effects and gets you the final desired snapshot. Iterations in 3D rendering can be daunting if not visualized in photo realistic sense.

Zero Designs offers 3D rendering and visualization services for architectural models, interior and exterior designs, product photography and rendering and custom creative solutions. You can also outsource in full or part project, i.e. you can have your visualizer compose the parameters and only get the rendering done from us to meet your business needs and alternately you can have visualization done and go one step back, get the 3D models done by us and get you the final desired high resolution graphics ready to go live on huge hoardings, banners or optimized web images for digital promotion.

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