Important Mobile Interface Design Guidelines by Zero Designs

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Hiren Raval | Zero Designs Director

Hiren Raval


Important Mobile Interface Design Guidelines | Zero Designs Blog

Mobile interface Design is the part of User Interface Design. As we have discussed earlier, User Interface design is made to reduce the work pressure of the user and make its work more easy and systematic. In the same manner Mobile interface Design is also made for the same purpose.

Technology is growing faster and so are we, mobile interface design is the advance form of interface design. People want more and more things handy, so from big computer screens, we have moved to advanced technology in small screens of mobile phones which works equally faster.

Various web and mobile applications have been developed in this decade. The motto of Zero Designs Pvt Ltd is to create different applications for different users. Developers and Designers are in demand for creating User Interface. Just by having the knowledge of the developing, the applications are not developed; it’s the experience that speaks. We have the most experienced people for the developing the mobile applications. Right now our team of professionals is working on applications of Apple, iOS, Android and Windows Phone.

You can have a look on our work:

Iphone and Android Application Design for Instasend:


User Interface and Navigation Design for Android and Iphone

It is important to make UI attractive, convenient and manageable but making it practical is equally important. There are certain guidelines we follow while creating the Mobile User Interface. Creating simplicity in user interface design is not easy but that’s the key for successful User Interface Design. The focus of our team is on User Behaviour Research, which helps to get along with the clients to target the audience and finally a master piece of Interface Designs is produced.