Important Points Considered While Designing a Mobile Interface

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Hiren Raval | Zero Designs Director

Hiren Raval


Points Considered While Designing a Mobile Interface | Zero Designs Blog
  • While creating a mobile site it is very crucial to offer a user friendly design as if the users are not happy they will never turn up again. They should adapt KISS (keep it short and simple) strategy. It should provide a link to the home page and previous page at the top or bottom of the web page.
  • The website should provide the information required as quickly as possible, without keeping the user going through many pages and links to the information. This is the key point while creating the website.
  • Due to the screen size limitation, the user feels it difficult to find some fonts and the curser area so it can be made easy by highlighting them by the different color background or font color. This makes easier to read the information to the user.
  • It is again important to consider that the texting is a tiresome and time consuming part in the mobile phone so, they should create simple mobile based website which intakes minimum input from the user and if possible they should provide the selection by giving them the option.
  • While creating a website it is very important managing the space factor. It should highlight all the important information about product/ service so that they don’t miss or get lost and user needs to go through many pages for single information.


By utilizing the mobile marketing strategies and creating the mobile website as a business owner, you can take a hike in the competitive market.