SEO Link Building Tips 2014 by Search Engine Marketing Company

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Dattatrey Vora

Dattatrey Vora

SEO/SMM Specialist

Here are SEO Link Building Tips for Year 2014 by Search Engine Marketing Company that will teach you SEO Off-page Activities beyond traditional link building.

Strong Content Marketing Strategy

Content Marketing Strategy doesn’t mean writing a bunch of articles and Blog posts every month and submit them to 50 Article Directories or Bookmark them with maximum Social Bookmarking sites. That depends on your strategy and plan for the off page SEO campaign here Content Marketing Strategy means something beyond that.

Decide Your Content Mediums First

Straight question to yourself; What Kind of Contents will you create every month? Divide your content creation among Highly knowledge worthy Articles, How to Videos, Case Studies, Problem Solving Blog posts, White Papers, Podcasts, Presentations, In-Depth Articles, Industry Surveys, Current Statistics and Numbers for your serving industry and several other contents which actually created with the focus of making a difference.

Channelize Your Content Wisely

Invest time in creating Strong Articles with full of interesting information, updated stats and solution of some problems. These Articles must be long enough. No Word boundary until you justify the subject you took on. Now creating such articles will take Time Money Both, Yes but that will be INVESTMENT you do.

Contribute through Well Researched, Value Adding Content

The purpose of Content Marketing must be defined. For most of people, it is to showcase demonstrate your Products Services rather what actually works is content marketing for Contribution and Value Addition.

Have Downloadable White Papers on Your Website

White Papers are always important and knowledge worthy in any industry. Crate some valuable White papers and Have them ready to download on your website.

Use Social Media Platforms to Create Brand

Instead of using Social media platforms to showcase and market your own products and services, use them to solve some problems, to take opinions, to educate people, to help them. This will bring “User Engagement” to your Social Media identities, which will eventually help to make your company/product/Service a brand on the web. Use all major social media platforms including Gogole+, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube etc. And interconnect them to exchange shares and user interactions.


One has to merge OLD SEO Link building techniques with FRESH SEO Off Page Techniques these days to see some breakthrough results through SEO Campaigns.