Web Design And Web Development- Most Important For Almost Every IT Firm

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Sehjad - Zero Designs Team member

Sehjad Tambadia

Senior Web Specialist

Web Design And Web Development- Most Important For Almost Every IT Firm
When we usually view any website or some mobile applications we get astound with its attractive looks. Web Designing is being found everywhere. Now what is web design. It means designing pages of the web site or pages of mobile applications using tools like Photoshop, Illustrator, Corel Draw etc in additionthey also use technologies like HTML and CSS. This basically defines the front-end part of any web application or mobile application. People who do this can identified as UI/UX Developers. And in simple language they can be termed as Graphic/Web Designers. Basically designer associated with any company or organization is found to be creative in their own domain and yeah, it’s to be surely said that designer and designing is very important to any company that sells web applications or mobile applications in the market. Graphic/Web Designers, are found working as full-time and yeah, they may also work as freelancers. But they are pretty creative and have very unusual personality too. Now comes web development After designer creates a perfect design for any application. Obvioulsy developers start developing that particular application using various technologies like .net,PHP, Andriod/Ios (if it is mobile application), Java, etc. A Web developer is the individual who is responsible for creating the functionalities of websites. Basically they make website user-interactive. Now what does user-interaction pertains to, it basically wants to website that totally user-friendly and navigational following various technologies.

Now what are some major difference between

  • Web Design pertains only for how the website will appear in front of the users or visitors.While Web Development refers how shall their website will be going to work in reference to its functionalities.
  • Web Designer only creates and design concept of the website. Whereas developers are accountable for maintaining,creating etc. Almost every task that is related to the creation of the website.
  • Web Designer creates a layout that can be termed as static. And what web developers do it, they convert that static layout into dynamic website which may fulfill many functionalities like Login,Registrations etc (yet they are just simple functions that pertains with the website).