All You Need to Know About Domain Registration

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Parag Raval - Zero Designs Team member

Parag Raval

Team Leader

All You Need to Know About Domain Registration | Zero Designs Blog

Your online presence requires a unique address this unique address is called Domain Name. A Domain Name typically is aligned with your business. Most people choose a domain name which is exactly or close to their business name, some people choose to have a domain name with the kind of product or service they offer. Domains names are always followed by TLD or Top Level Domain names. TLD .com domains have been the most popular domain names of all. After the .com boom, most easy to remember domain names and all the available nouns have been booked by people and now legitimate business owners find it hard to secure a domain name matching their business names. Over a period of time, people have started choosing their country-specific TLDs to get around this situation. Apart from country-specific TLDs, you can choose .edu for an educational institution and .org if you’re a non-profit organization.

Zero Designs helps organizations to acquire available domain names matching their entity name or brand name from various available TLDs, provide them with highly reliable DNS – Domain Name Service hosting with trusted vendors to ensure high availability. Typically this is an annual contract with a period lasting from 1 to 10 years. You do not have to worry about renewals or hacking as we take utmost care of the domains hosted with us and proactively remind you when the renewals are due. Along with Domain Registration Service, we provide high-quality web hosting service based on Linux servers and email hosting service based on popular IMAP protocol based webmail services. We also provide services for enterprise-class dedicated webmail service on a private cloud or your local network provided it has excellent internet connectivity.

You can now register for the following TLDs with us .rocks, .website, .attorney, .church, .club, .xyz, .guide, .global, .email, .guru, .company, .Asia, .solutions, .city, .property, .life, .today, .business, .photography, .services, .expert and many more. You don’t have to be technical sound to worry about your domain and its maintenance we take care of registration, renewals, maintenance with our robust team of technical experts.