How to Convert Photoshop PSD Files into HTML pages ?

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Parag Raval - Zero Designs Team member

Parag Raval

Team Leader

How to Convert Photoshop PSD Files into HTML pages ? | Zero Designs Blog

PSD is the file format for the software named Adobe Photoshop. PSD stands for Photoshop document and the file extension is known as “.psd”. A PSD file’s maximum height and width is of 30,000 pixels with the limit of 3 Gigabytes. Photoshop file can also be with the extension of .PSB. i.e Photoshop Big which exceeds the height width and length of .PSD. Normally pictures that are taken or edited for the website purpose are worked on Photoshop which are not easy to upload on sites directly. They need the conversion to various extensions of files like HTML, CSS, and Joomla to upload it on the websites.

Zero Designs is considered to be one of the best companies for transforming files from one extension to another in appropriate way with accuracy. For transforming, our web developer will receive the file of Adobe Photoshop Document from web designer and then the web page is created. This PSD file contains multiple Layer Comps, the developer assesses each and every detail, segregate it to Header, Footer, and Content and then translate it into the complete website code.

The coding nowadays is done in such a way that the website is not clearly opened on the basic browser but on any browser whether it is on desktop or on cell phone or on tablet or on anything. PSD files can not only be translated into HTML but can also be translated into XHTML, CSS or any other extension that suits your website. For more information on the translation of file extensions and the pricing, get in touch with Zero Designs at