The Importance of Web Application UI Design

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Hiren Raval | Zero Designs Director

Hiren Raval


The Importance of Web Application UI Design | Zero Designs Blog
It is commonly seen that people consider website and web application similar. But the is a small or we can say the major difference between both of them, web sites are informative. They are used to advertise your product or service online. While the web application is user interactive. It is informative as well as solves the customers query by providing them information whenever they need on any product or services.It has become compulsory for a business to have a web application to survive in the business world.

Everyone over the world is using internet to buy a product or service. So it has become vital to be updated with the time and demand in the market. Web application is helpful in fulfilling the needs o the customers and specific functionality of the websites. Web application complements the website very well that they also pass the cycle (SDLC). We should first understand the need to create a web application, and then immediately design and implement it. The testing stage is considered vital as, if anything goes wrong can be traced here.

Coming to the user interface design of the web application. It should be user friendly. It should not be complex that the user has to just keep on searching for the information. It is advisable the web application background should be sober not too much colorful. It’s true that colors attract but immense use of colors and images ill distract the user and the user will feel like quitting. The source code is an important part of the web application as whatever changes are made I the source code they will affect the design of web application. So what ever development you need to make should be marked as it has to pass the testing stage so that you check that the tools are working according to the design. They should be double checked so it won’t make any blunder when implemented on the web site.

The Web application has become the important part of the website for business. They are used to provide information about a product or service and take the customer feedback for the improvement of the product.


What ever may be the size of the website. The web application has become the heart of the website. No one has time to keep on searching through his whole site so they need web application.