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Brand banner design for Apnova by zero designs

The Challenge

ApNova Infratek was a startup, and we have to go for marketing before production, So we can estimate demand in the market and based on that we can plan the production. The Target Audience was primarily Europe, USA and India. So, we have to start from scratch without an actual product.
Challenge-Graphic Design | Zero Designs
product branding banner design by zero designs


As we didn’t have actual products, we have used the 3d models which was used for prototyping and render some photo realistic images, Parallelly we worked around several logo designs that deliver a unique impression on a brand. However, choosing the color palette was a crucial task for the team. Keeping in mind affects any product. Choosing the Blue and Grey combination emphasized the subtleness in delivering quality services and products with a visual guidelines and brand identity which represent companies’ image and vision. To tackle the most common problem among brands like ApNova was to create awareness about its product. The team researched thoroughly to understand the best practices to apply.
Logo design for Apnova by zero designs
Apnova - Color guideline design by zero designs
Corporate-Identity design for Apnova by zero designs
Apnova - print design _ zero designs
Apnova brochure design by zero designs
apnova-website design layout by zero designs
apnova exhibition panel image design | Zero Designs
Apnova - brand standee design by zero designs

Next Project

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Branding + Communication + Web Design + Digital Marketing

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Branding + Communication + Web Design + Digital Marketing