Lancer Agrico

Lancer Agrico
Agriculture Engineering
Visual Communication And Design + Web Design and Development

The Challenge

It was about rural India and for agriculture industries, a bit different segment for us. They were already established in the industry, and we have to make communication more attractive and meaningful with existing logo and visual language. Also need to create universal identity for all the medium.


So, we have revamped the design structure and made it a bit simple and easy to understand for all kinds of people, specially targeted for farmers. So, we place more emphasis on printed collaterals like Poster, Flyers, Brochures, Calendar etc. We have developed a website where anyone can search and understand products and their utility. And regularly worked on SEO, SEM, with unique strategy to engage with farmers and agriculture industry related people. The company regularly participated in Exhibitions and Expos related to the Agriculture industry, for that we designed some exhibition stalls where people directly engage with the company and products.

Next Project


Branding + Communication + Web Design


Communication + Web Design