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The Scope

The brand already had decent competition; our clear objective was to create visibility and penetration for better reach through branding and communication.


We have started with Naming, Hence, our team entitled the brand as ‘sector’, which means the bed. The product had an Aw factor already, but it would create a more significant impact with the logo. To consider people’s psychological aspects and give a first-hand feel, the team created a 3D exploded view. It gave a 360-degree detailed visualization of the product & its specifications. It indeed became a game changer to build the brand. We even created 3D models for all three variants providing in-depth information about the product and its use. It was essential to create a user-friendly website. Hence, we customized its website – In place of the standard website, we created an interactive website, which interacts with the user on a scroll and explains all the features one by one.

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