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SASA Appliances
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The Challenge

SASA guided a new model under home appliances during the Covid pandemic situation. It had a unique USP as a whole. But it had a different impression of its specified target audience.. It was first in the market with this kind of products. So, we have to create a unique identity for a segment which was not so popular and to create awareness about products.
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The logo was the significant element that was detailed to relate to Hygiene, Technology & Home Appliances. The minimalistic logo was obtained to create an instant fuzz among the viewers as it would be easy to brand recall. Our team provided Brand Guidelines that the brand followed in unison among the creatives and other relevant keeping it to the brand identity and building it.

For the target audience, we made the visual presence of the company. It was to attract a higher middle class and health-conscious people. The brand’s main target was a specific segment that kept all designs & creatives focused on it. Creation of images and video footage for the product to get more visibility, intended.

Ecommerce website for online purchase and given all the features with graphical representation to educate customers about the benefits and usage indeed influenced sales to rise. We used location and region based digital marketing to target particular cities and locations. It boosted the engagement ratio over posts and creatives on social platforms.
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Photography & Video

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Sasa appliances branding designs by zero designs

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