Posted on 20th  September, 2014

The Anatomy of a Web Application UI Design


Web applications are application programs which can be accessed through a web browser via Internet. It is a platform to exchange the information with your prospects and help them with the desired information from the database.

Need of web application interfaces

Today the world is full of web sites and applications. Technologically, there are millions of global users coming across the highly programmable environment that allow mass communication through the diverse range of web application. Web applications and flexible browsers are the two most important components of modern websites. As we know web applications are inexpensive channel to communicate with the prospects and interact with the customers.

When an interface is designed for a web application, the designers should consider the users that are going to use it. It should be user friendly. No matter, the application is technologically sound, but if it does not cover the comfort zone of users it fails. Thus, the user interface is equally important in a web application.

There are many companies large or small that pay very less attention to a good user interface. The web application interface should be modernized with the passing time and demand in the market.

Unlike any other software every web application has three layers for its development and implementation. They are visual service, layer, business service layer and data service layer.

Visual service layer covers the designing phase of the web application. It includes basic web designing languages like HTML and DHTML with the combination of complex Java Applet and COM components.

The business service layer is connected to the service layer. It impels interactions and transactions with the user. Passing information to the user when the user enters its queries through the service layer business service layer decodes it with the web scripting languages in ASH/PHP/JSP. The business service layer is connected to the data service layer.

In simple language the data service layer implements database which provides information. It’s the server side programming that works with with TCL, RBA PERL. Data service layer performs complex actions through web interface.

So this was a guide to design the best UI design for web applications.

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